DS3 Payment Options

Scroll down to view three (3) payment options to remit your payment to one of The DS3 Group of Companies subsidiaries including LUXE Worldwide, A Design For Destiny or DS3 Entertainment.



  • If you would like to remit payment via wire transfer, direct deposit or Certified Bank Draft, you have received an invoice via email with the necessary payment instructions. To request a duplicate invoice, please email us by clicking here.
  • If you would like to make a One-Time Payment now using your MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card or PayPal, please enter the Client Name, Invoice Number and Payment Amount then click the Pay Now button below. No PayPal account is required, only a debit/credit card is necessary. No added fees.
Enter Client Name
Enter Invoice Number


  • If you would like to submit your Monthly Service Fee as indicated on your DS3 Contract now using PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover, please click the SUBSCRIBE button below.
DS3 Client Payments
Sapphire : $75.00 USD – monthly
Ruby : $150.00 USD – monthly
Emerald : $250.00 USD – monthly
Diamond : $500.00 USD – monthly
Black Diamond : $1,000.00 USD – monthly
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Send Money via MoneyGram

  • If you would like to remit payment via MoneyGram, there are over 320,000 locations worldwide where you can use Cash, your PayPal account, or a credit/debit card to make a payment. Click here to find a MoneyGram location near you.
  • DS3 Clients can create a personal PayPal account by visiting PayPal’s website, then load your confirmed, personal PayPal account with Cash or a debit/credit card at any local MoneyGram location. You can use your PayPal to make a Payment via PayPal and send money directly to The DS3 Group using any of the links above. MoneyGram has a partnership with PayPal. To find out more about the PayPal/MoneyGram partnership, click here. If you send your payment via PayPal, we will automatically receive an email notifying us. Please ensure that you provide the Client Name, Address and corresponding Invoice Number along with the payment amount in the equivalent USD in the Instructions box.
  • Depending on your country, our Clients have the option to send Cash to The DS3 Group by providing MoneyGram with:
    1. DS3 PayPal email address: entertainment@theDS3group.com
    2. First Name: PJ
    3. Last Name: Douglas Sands
    4. MoneyGram Receiver Registration (RRN) #MG32559395
    5. Receiving Country: USA
    6. Receiving Currency: US Dollars
    7. Requestor Name: The DS3 Group

Please provide MoneyGram with the information listed here #1-7 above.

Ensure that you provide the Client Name, Invoice Number and Address along with the payment amount in the equivalent USD. To calculate your MoneyGram exchange rate and fees click here.

If you send Cash via MoneyGram, you will receive a confirmation number and a receipt. Please take a photo of that receipt  and email it to us at support@theDS3group.com.  Email us with the MoneyGram Confirmation Number, Client Name, Invoice Number and Amount of Transfer In US Dollars along with a photo of your MoneyGram receipt.