Caribbean Music, Model & Talent Search @IslandMMTS Launches Official #BBM Channel

Island MMTS is the Caribbean’s Top Talent Search and the first of its kind to bring top modeling agencies, record labels, talent scouts, booking agents, entertainment industries and talent managers from all over the world to The Bahamas and the Caribbean to search for aspiring models, actors, music producers, songwriters, singers and singing groups ready to take their talent to the international stage. Island MMTS is poised to bring over 1,500 stopover visitors to The Bahamas for its 2015 International Conference scheduled July 13 to July 19, 2015.

What better way to be #1 and stay in touch all over the globe but with a new, Official BBM Channel?  BBM is available for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Blackberry users for free.

Island MMTS Official BBM Channel Screen Shot

COO of Island MMTS Inc (and Co-Founder of The DS3 Group), PJ Douglas Sands and the Media Team are really excited about the launch. When asked why she felt an official BBM Channel was important to the Island MMTS brand, Ms. Douglas Sands expressed that technology continues to level the playing field.  Island MMTS in particular, is using technology and new media in innovative ways to get the word out. MMTS is a great opportunity for those aspiring to become professionals in the entertainment industry.

Island MMTS has only just begun to take full advantage of the many benefits of a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Twitter and SoundCloud. Not only do they compliment as a website, but work in tandem with the support of local traditional media outlets such as newspapers, radio, television and magazines.

“Throughout the Caribbean and The Bahamas, Blackberry has always been one of the top mobile platforms.  In many islands, it is the most affordable way to communicate.  Island MMTS is happy to be a part of the BBM family which allows those who have Blackberry devices as well as iPhones, Androids and Windows Phone, not only to chat with us in real-time but see what’s going on with our auditions around the region. Launching the Official BBM channel for Island MMTS has been ground-breaking.  No other entertainment company in The Bahamas has an Official BBM Channel.” – PJ Douglas Sands, COO, Island MMTS Inc.

As Island MMTS travels the Caribbean and hosts free auditions in 37 cities this year, social media has documented the conversation we are having with individuals who are hungry to take their talent to the world and be seen by international scouts, major labels and talent agencies.

If you want to subscribe to the Island MMTS Official BBM Channel, download the BBM app or click the BBM Link. You can also scan the QR code below with your mobile device to follow instantly.

Island MMTS Official BBM Channel QR Code

Here is a screen shot from the Island MMTS Official Channel.


BBM MMTS channel screenshot


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