3 Factors That Matter When Building Your #Brand from @PamMktgNut #SmallBiz #DS3

20131207-142408.jpgDid you know that it takes at minimum 6-7 brand
touches before someone will remember your brand? Every impression
counts. Each brand touch with a potential new client, current
customer, brand advocate or even those who know nothing about your
brand is leaving behind an impression. It’s an impression that is
going to be positive, neutral or negative. Your goal is to make
each and every brand impression as positive and memorable as it can
be. 1. Consistency Consistency is key
when it comes to social branding. Consistency doesn’t have to equal
boring. It simply means you have a consistent representation of who
you are, what you do and how you portray it to the world. Your tone
may vary based on the audience you are engaging with but there
should be a foundation of consistency for which you leverage to
build relationships. It is important to also understand the
definition of authenticity and transparency which many confuse.
Being real and authentic doesn’t mean you have to share what you
had for breakfast, lunch and dinner on all of the social networks.
Transparency is how much information you share with different
audiences. 2. Relevancy Relevancy is
how you connect and are able to relate to human beings. You must be
relevant to them as a human. You must treat, speak and engage with
them as humans. You must speak in a manner and choose words which
mean something to them. They must understand what it is you are
trying to say and why. Your words and actions should inspire them
to connect and engage with you. 3.
Building trust with your communities and
audience via the social networks is going to take time. As you can
see from the diagram below, initially your community members are
going to start out as lurkers, new members and people who are
“checking you out.” They are deciding if they want to engage with
you. They’re deciding if they want to click, like, read, share and
invest themselves in your brand. It is up to you to move them from
being a “free member” to a loyal evangelist or paying customer. The
combination of consistency, relevancy, value and trust are going to
help ignite this movement from the left of the diagram you see
below to the right.
20131207-142341.jpg About the Author: Pam
is the CEO & Founder of Marketing Nutz
as well as an entrepreneur, speaker, trainer and coach. Pam has 15+
years of experience helping small startups to Fortune 100
companies, budgets teeny tiny to big in both B2B and B2C markets
build brand awareness, grow new markets, develop communities and
master ROI across all mediums.

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